We'd like to thank Nate Cornelius, a web developer, for sending this list to us.  Nate works at Hole in the Roof, where every site is built on Convergence. He compiled this list to send to clients who were unsure about the benefits of Convergence over a self-hosted CMS like Wordpress.  Thanks again Nate, we couldn't have said it better ourselves!

1. In our experience, on average, developing for Wordpress takes 2­3 times longer than developing for Convergence. This means Wordpress users can expect to pay 2­3 times more for changes to their site than they would were they using Convergence.

2. Wordpress requires you to host your own site, manage your own servers and be responsible for site backups and server maintenance. If your server fails, you are solely liable. Convergence is hosted, maintained, and managed. Your site data is backed up and you have someone to talk to if you have any issues with your site.

3. Wordpress is built linear. Meaning you setup your site, then if you want to make changes to the layout, you have to go into the code. Convergence is modular, allowing the user to move content modules with simple drag-­and-­drop functionality. This feature alone can save you hundreds of dollars a year in small developer changes.

4. Wordpress is a blogging platform that has been retrofitted into a website builder. Convergence is a dedicated website platform with robust blog capability. Using Wordpress for anything other than a blog is like buying a car that used to be a motorcycle.

5. E­-commerce for Wordpress is a joke. E­-commerce with Convergence is proprietary, hosted, supported, completely customizable, and absolutely has the most user­-friendly interface in the market. Databases for Wordpress are more disappointing than E­-commerce. Databases for Convergence are the easiest thing out there. And allow you true control over your data. Create dynamic real­ estate listings, beautiful employee directories, or even your own apps!

6. Wordpress requires multiple updates a year to run at peak performance. These updates often cause incompatibility issues with your plugins and other features. Convergence updates are handled for you and don’t cost you a penny more. These updates build on the features of the system rather than breaking them down.

7. Wordpress is notorious for taking weeks of usage to understand­ especially if you are using plugins. Convergence can be taught in under an hour. It’s intuitive and easy to retain what you have learned because the system is built in a way that makes sense to its users.

8. Updating content in Wordpress requires you to go to a dashboard away from your site, update content, save, leave that page to view the changes, go back, make edits, save, review, and then publish. Convergence content is edited directly on the page so you make changes, save them, and see them. Nothing is easier.

9. Convergence has a simple and effective pricing structure. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time and there are no term ­commitments or contracts.

10. With Convergence, you don’t need to be a developer to create and manage powerful forms, photo slideshows, databases, products, blogs, event calendars, twitter feeds, and more. Wordpress has some of these with limited features and the near ­guarantee that one or more of them will drop support or break down at some point.


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