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Members Only: Users made simple.

Need a members-only area to your site?  What about a web app that allows people to login and add their own posts? Want customer order history and recurring billing? Good news: Convergence has you covered.

All Convergence plans come with Users built right in.

Right away you can add Admins to edit the different areas of your site, and you can also add different User Types to allow for different levels of access to your site.  What else can Users do?  Here's a list of more of the User Account features in Convergence:

  • Users can login to secure pages and sections of your site
  • Users can register themselves on your site; you have the option of auto-approving them or manually allowing them access
  • You can easily move users between your User Types - have a membership club with applicants?  Easily see an applicant's profile and move him or her up to member status with one click.
  • Each user gets their own profile page.  Want to set up a login-only page for your photography clients to view their proofs? Easy - add a Convergence slideshow right on their profile page.

Users and E-commerce:
Your customers are always right... in front of you.

When you integrate Users on your site with E-commerce, there's even more your customers can do:

  • View their order history, update their billing information, and modify recurring profiles like donations or subscriptions
  • You can easily see "who bought what?" in the backend - all a user's orders are tied to their profile.
  • Did they buy a song for download?  Or a video to watch?  Let your users login and access their purchased content.
  • Buy a product and get automatically added to a User Type - useful for monthly memberships, etc.
  • Get special pricing on products in your store - have a discount for Wholesale users? You can set custom pricing for different User Types.

Users and Item Lists:
It's time to build a better web app.

When you combine Users with Item Lists, you can create a very complex app without any backend coding.

  • Edit custom profile fields - want to know what your users favorite coffee shop is?  Add custom fields in an Item List and your users will see them in their profile.
  • Allow your users to add multiple entries to an Item List - like a professor assigning homework or musicians adding favorite tracks.  You could even create your own version of Twitter.
  • Show a feed of what your users have posted, or view all their post and profile fields in the admin area.

Design Flexibility

Convergence conforms to the demands of your custom site design.

Use Your Own HTML

Create HTML / CSS pages, add a few simple Convergence tokens, and BAM! Your site's ready to edit.

Simplified Training

The intuitive inline editing system allows your clients to edit their content right on the page.

No Hosting Hassles

We've got your back (and your backups) on powerful, reliable (mt) servers.