The most flexible CMS out there...

Easy-to-edit modules, right on the page.

Want to add text?  Click Add Text.  Want to throw in a blog?  Click on Add Blog.  Want a calendar?  ... Hmm, you can see where this is going.  Convergence has all these great modules built in, and the best part about editing them is it all happens on your site. No more confusing dashboard - just simple point-and-click editing. Find out more about the built-in modules.

E-Commerce: Your client makes money while they sleep.

Let's be honest: e-commerce is hard.  Problem is, a lot of clients need it.  Convergence can help.  If you can edit an HTML page, you can create a custom cart.  If you can use Twitter, you can edit products and categories in Convergence.  Find out how we've put the easy in e-commerce.

Item Lists: Finally databases make sense.

Convergence allows you to create lists of anything, such as real estate listings, restaurant menus, staff bios, etc.  Step 1: add the list(s) in our backend admin area.  Step 2: display them anywhere on your site - each item in the list is given its own detail page. Best part? It's all handled through an easy interface even your grandma could use.  Learn about the easiest databases on the web.

Got more than one client?  Of course you do!

We know you're popular ... so we've made it really easy to manage all your sites in one place. Convergence is set up to help designers keep track of websites and clients on the system. You can update plans, clients, email addresses, analytics code, and best of all, assign your clients a login to make their own site updates.

Design Flexibility

Convergence conforms to the demands of your custom site design.

Use Your Own HTML

Create HTML / CSS pages, add a few simple Convergence tokens, and BAM! Your site's ready to edit.

Simplified Training

The intuitive inline editing system allows your clients to edit their content right on the page.

No Hosting Hassles

We've got your back (and your backups) on powerful, reliable (mt) servers.