Some of the best stories from web design and development come from zany client requests.  As crazy as the requests seem sometimes, however, no one knows the businesses better than the clients themselves, the good ones anyway.  So when presented with these new ideas, web professionals often stammer, delay, and try feverishly to find a solution that will meet the client's goals.  And every now and then, there's the dreaded, “Well, the current system doesn’t allow that.”
Silence.  Not fun.  They trusted you, and now this?  We went through this too, and it frustrated us. We simply wanted a platform that was flexible enough to handle all kinds of requests; a platform that would allow us to be more confident on calls, to make aggressive suggestions and to welcome clients that think outside the box with their website.  We couldn't find that platform, so we built it and called it Convergence.
So what exactly does Convergence do?  Besides allow for custom HTML, CSS, and jQuery; easy inline content editing; blogs and event calendars; seamless E-commerce? We built the greatest flexibility in a feature called Item Lists, which allow you to accomplish even the most complicated of web tasks.

Here are some great examples of Item Lists in action:

Aid Sudan’s Village and Trip Pages
Item Lists allow for quick updates and trip pages that integrate icons, photos, YouTube videos, and Google Maps to tell their compelling story of inspiring hope in African villages.

Custom Luxe's Personalized E-Commerce
Item Lists bring luxury shoe personalization to the purchase experience as customers personalize their perfect pair.

Chaka Market Bridge's Connection Between Products and Artisans
Item Lists let Chaka connect users to products from several designers, countries, and trades.  The Item Lists also let customers easily donate part of their purchase to a special Barrio Fund, which sponsors local programs in the artisan communities.
So rest easy. With Convergence, you can build the sites THEY dream of without having to start over, give up, or - heaven forbid - use Flash.

Check out more examples of Item Lists or try Convergence for free.