We have been hard at work on a project code-named Sandwich, and today we're excited to share it with you.  Introducing Convergence Version 3.

What's new?

Modules - now with Bootstrap

We re-coded much of Convergence from the ground up.  Now our modules are built on top of Bootstrap - a powerful front-end framework that we like to think of as "the new default" for HTML.  You'll see the redesigned Convergence modules when you login, but you can also build your sites on top of Bootstrap. Now with version 3, it's all built in.

Responsive - great sites on every device

Responsive web design is the way forward, and now Convergence sites come preloaded with Mucssle - our flexible, responsive framework.  This allows your site to look great on any device, anywhere.  

Tokens - clear and consistent

We've been listening to your feedback!  We've rewritten many of our tokens to make them more flexible (like adding your own classes and id's), as well as rendering all our HTML under a consistent naming scheme.  We think you'll love how easy it is to style Blog Articles, Calendar Events, Product Listings, Item Lists and more.

Display Styles - show off your stuff

Now when you add articles, events, products, and Item List items, you can choose to display them however you like.  You can choose Grid, List or Table views, and you can show and hide different fields.  Want even more customization? Write your own Custom Displays to use the exact HTML you want.

Smarter Search - seek and ye shall find

We rebuilt the site search functionality to show your users clearer results in a format similar to most search engines.  It also shows results by sections, showing Products, Item List items, Articles, Events and Pages.

And more...

There are so many more features built into Version 3 - sign up today to begin building on the most powerful version of Convergence yet.  We built a Version 3 help site to guide you through the new tokens, and for the first time you can help contribute to Convergence on GitHub.

Sign up today or read more about Version 3.