How do you quickly respond to a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy?  

It's a difficult question with complicated answers, but we were very impressed with the response of one group called Hurricane Hackers, a group of developers who used their programming skills for good.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, they created a Google Doc and a Github repository for web projects that would help in and after the crisis.

One of the projects, SandyCrashPad, was an idea to create a site like for displaced people in hurricane-affected areas.  On the site, people could either list their place as available or find a place to stay.

Realizing that Convergence Item Lists would be perfect for this site, we quickly built a version of this site.  In only a couple of hours, we had a working version up and running.  After some collaboration with Hurricane Hackers, we ended up moving in a different direction for the app.  Despite this fact, we were very excited to have the opportunity to use the ease and flexibility of Convergence to help in a crisis.