Seems like everyone’s upgrading these days. The iPhone4 for the iPhone4S, HTML 4 for HTML 5, Internet Explorer 6 for… any other browser. You get the picture and so do we. Consumers like upgrades, so we’re working hard to bring them to you. Our latest and greatest, the Form Module, just got a serious upgrade.

! Field Required

All form modules now come with the required field icon ! that can be turned on and off with the click of your mouse. Want to make sure the user can’t submit the form without entering their email address? Just mark the exclamation point next to the Email form field – the exclamation point turns red to indicate that field is required.

Drag & Drop

Need to reorder some form fields? No problem! You can now drag and drop form fields to reorder them when logged into your website. Just grab the crosshair icon, drag it to a new location and watch the form fields reorder right before your eyes.

Collect the Info

Form field information is now easier to collect than ever. Besides receiving an email with the form information when it is submitted, you can also download the latest entries via CSV right from the Form Module.


Keep spam away by enabling CAPTCHA with one click to turn it on. This ensures that real people are submitting forms on your site, not spambots.

Drop Down Menu

We now offer drop down menus in the form field options. You now have better control over user input, especially when you want to keep the options limited or focused to ensure accurate information is being collected.

To Style or Not to Style

The form module comes with some nice default styling, but if you’re a web designer you also have the option of styling the form any way you like using Firebug and your stylesheet.

What’s Next?

With all these great improvements you might be wondering what’s next for the Form Module? Check boxes are coming soon!

Example Form