DIY.  Not a new term in today’s world.  Heck, with over 2,200 Home Depots in the world, it's obvious people like to get their hands dirty doing their own home projects.  Yet the average Home Depot customer probably doesn't show up on Saturday morning ready to build a home from the ground up; we pay for professionals for that.  No, this customer is more likely redoing a bathroom, painting a child’s bedroom, or… simply making edits.

It’s really the same with websites, people want to make edits.  Personal and business websites alike all need to be updated, tweaked, and played with as goals and ideas change.  Maybe, it’s a copy edit to the welcome page, an upcoming event, a new team member, or a new product you are selling online.  Websites have to be dynamic, and we wanted making those edits to be as easy as possible in Convergence.

The tools available to designers and developers are not easily learned by first-time users.  Several content management systems (CMS) use confusing dashboards with illogical mapping of your content.  For someone editing their site, the learning curve is steep and the system never feels intuitive.   While dashboards are good for products or databases, it’s a muddled solution for basic content. With Convergence's inline editing, you edit your site on your site.  If you can find the page you want to edit, you can make the change right there.  Want to change your Contact Us page?  Go to that page and click edit.  Easy.  Done.

And hey, you don't even have to get paint on your hands.