If you've visited the Convergence Help site you may have noticed the "accordion" effect when clicking on any of the different help articles.  We thought you may want to know how it works, so we wrote a little tutorial below.

The Setup

First, login to your Convergence site and go to the page where you want the accordion to appear.  Click ADD MODULE and add a Blog/News module.  This module is a great foundation, because most Accordions consist of a linked title and some content.  In the Settings for the Blog / News module, be sure to select "Complete article post" under How do you want to display your articles?  This way your users will see all of the content in each Accordion "pane", rather than a summary.  Click Add Article on the BLOG module to add entries to your accordion.

The Files

Now, download the accordion.zip file here.

This zip file contains two files, accordion.js and accordion.css.  Include these files in the template HTML file you're using for the current page.  That's it, after you include and upload the accordion files you should see the desired accordion functionality.

Optional: Show Permalinks to the accordion pages

If you want, you have the option to show permalinks to the individual accordion posts.  Simply open accordion.js and change SHOW_PERMALINKS to true.  You can change the text for each link by changing PERMALINK_TEXT.